Citizen’s Coalition asks – again – to hold an election to finally and  legitimately fill the position of Mayor

With the passing of Quartzsite “Acting Mayor” Charles [Chuck] Busby, a firestorm was created for Quartzsite’s Town Council as a newly formed Citizens’ Coalition pressed for an opportunity to vote in a Mayor for a second time.

Ed Foster, candidate for Mayor, has reviewed the moves since the election and has demanded the council review the situation as well.

Vice Mayor Charles Busby filled the position of Mayor following Steve Bennett’s resignation on August 27, 2008. However, the legality of his assumption of that role of Mayor is now being challenged.   Did Busby have the authority to simply step into the position of Mayor without an election?

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Сorruption Investigations


Investigators hired by Town Manager Alex Taft  were not properly authorized to conduct an investigation and — as private investigators — could not have acted had they discovered evidence of fraud.

Further, Taft did not have proper approval to spend taxpayer monies on the endeavor — an investigation which targeted specific individuals with whom Taft has been engaged in an ongoing battle over the lack of transparency at Quartzsite’s town hall and books that are not allowed to be seen even when property demanded under FOIA laws.

County Election official Shelly Baker had already admonished Taft and others in Quartzsite’s administration that there was absolutely no evidence of vote fraud in spite of their insistence that there be an investigation following the election of individuals with whom Taft had had numerous disagreements.

Taft is currently on administrative leave but it still collecting an $80K salary, despite the fact that she has been repeatedly documented violating the terms of her agreement to remain at her home[s] during business hours and to refrain from discussing town business with anyone.

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Mayor Steve Benett steps down

Bennett’s resignation presented Thursday evening did not come as a tremendous surprise to those in attendance at Tuesday evening’s regular meeting of the Quartzsite Town Council, August 26.

In it, evidence against Bennett’s concerning a tax debt allegedly owed the Town of Quartzsite was presented and discussed in detail, with Councilman Wes Huntley openly suggesting Bennett step down and forfeit his newly acquired position as Mayor, vacating a position he’d held only since May 21, 2008.

Bennett, a well-known businessman and builder in Quartzsite was regarded as a favorite choice among voters, easily winning his post despite strong efforts by competitors for the post of Mayor to discredit him and disseminate information concerning his alleged tax debt to the townspeople.

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